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Elite Beauty Academy 
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Want to become a permanent makeup artist?

Oklahoma licensed trainer Veronica Kuznitsky.  


If you want to learn the most advanced methods and skills in the permanent makeup industry, we've got you covered!


In Depth Training for the Everyday Woman!


In addition to the 300+ hours of required Oklahoma training, Veronica has many more hours of continued training and certifications in even more advanced techniques by some of the greatest artists and instructors around the world. She is also a licensed cosmetologist, with over 9 years of experience in the beauty industry, mastering many different technical skills and client communication skills. She is continuously training in the newest, most innovative and perfected permanent makeup techniques acquiring even more knowledge and skills to share with you! Veronica stands out from other Oklahoma artists and instructors because of her dual licensing which gives her a much more in depth catalog of experience and skills.


The current average Oklahoma permanent makeup training program averages between $13,500-$15,000. Veronica's Elite Beauty Academy program is only $12,500 total. This is well below the average cost even though her work is considered one of the best in our state. There is no lacking on quality of work or education, Veronica just truly believes that anyone who wants to pursue their education and dream should have equal and fair opportunities- which is why her pricing is competitive, and hours flexible!

Veronica is a master permanent makeup instructor who wants to provide the everyday woman with the opportunity to grow and build a brighter, successful career and future through the art of permanent makeup! 

Oklahoma Medical Micropigmentation Fundamental Training

Are you ready to change your life?!


Course Length: 300 hours

**required by Oklahoma law**

Total Cost: $12,500

Deposit to sign up: $2,500

**this will hold your spot in class and pays for your kit . Deposit is nonrefundable, no exceptions.** 

Remaining Balance due before class begins. 

Class Size:  Up to 1-4 students in class 

Models to complete to graduate: 18

**Financial Aid is not available at this time. Please contact your bank or personal loan provider. Or see my available payment plan options!**


Payment plans available: 

Plan A) Deposit: $2,500 to enroll and reserve spot in class 

4 payments of $2,500 due in full before first day of class


Plan B) Deposit: $3,500 to enroll and reserve spot in class

First installment: $4,500 due before first day of class 

Second installment: $4,500 due after theory/classroom before any clinicals/models can begin



Veronica understands better than anyone that we all have crazy lives, demanding work schedules, and families who need us. When she first began her journey into permanent makeup, she already worked 7 days a week, 10+ hour days in her salon and really struggled to find an option to further her education due to the lack of quality education, and extremely limited class schedules. She is willing to accommodate when possible for those who need more of a flexible schedule, that will include some evenings and weekends for those who need, and remote/virtual hours. Keep in mind, this could result in a later completion and graduation date than the standard class schedule. 


A full kit including Veronica’s favorite supplies she uses including top of the line equipment, pigments, and tools. This kit is valued at over $2500. You will also be provided all supplies needed for clinical in your kit and in class, and to get started once you graduate!


Full Kit Provided for you to use in class and once you graduate and begin taking clients. 


Areas of focus:

Facial Morphology

Lips, Eyeliner, and Eyebrows

Ombre Powder Brows, Lip Blushing,  Eyeliner/Lash Enhancement,

Safety & Aseptic 

Workplace Setup

Facial and Skin Anatomy

Physiology & Disease

Skin Theory

Needle Theory


Brow, Lip & Eyeliner Design

Color Theory and Identification of Skin Undertones

Client Relationships and Management Skills


Social Media/Marketing

Starting your business

Permanent Makeup Procedures & Techniques/ Clinicals




Already an artist? Do you want to improve your skills and learn advanced techniques?

Advanced Private Training is available with Veronica.  

Ombre Brows Advanced Training

1 Day - 1 Model 

Cost: $2,500


Lip Blush Advanced Training 

1 Day - 1 Model 

Cost: $1,600

Eyeliner Advanced Training

1 Day- 1 Model

Cost: $1,600 


Choose 2 advance techniques 

2 Day-2 Models

Cost: $4,300 (a $5,200 value)


**Advanced training is for those already licensed in their state and have machine experience.**


$600 nonrefundable deposit reserve private advance training. Balance is due 2 weeks before private advance training begins. 



If you are wanting to become licensed in permanent makeup in Oklahoma, and to perform procedures in Oklahoma, PLEASE READ.


REQUIREMENTS OF Oklahoma State Department of Health to become certified in Medical Micropigmentation to work in Oklahoma legally.  To sign up with a trainer in Oklahoma, and to receive your certificate from the Health Department, these must be followed and a background check will be performed by Oklahoma Health Department after training to verify your qualifications. 


To become licensed in Oklahoma these must all be true.  If false, and later checked by Health Department you will not be given a refund on any training.


1. Have received High School Diploma or higher education.

2. Be at least 21 years of age.

3. Cannot have a felony or misdemeanor on record. 


Things you will need on hand to turn in once you finish your Oklahoma Medical Micropigmentation Training Program.

1. Notarized certificate of birth

2. drivers license or other similar form of identification. 

3. Proof of Oklahoma Medical Micropigmentation course completion. 

4. Written test fees

5. Medical Micropigmentation license application fees. 


In Oklahoma, all medical micropigmentologists are REQUIRED BY LAW to work inside of a physician’s office/medical facility. The health department will verify and approve all information provided to them. 


If you are from out of state, or are already licensed In permanent  makeup in your state, please refer to the advanced training courses. You must check with and follow your states laws and requirements. 



For all questions on training and to enroll, please fill out contact form below!





Do I need a cosmetology or Aesthetician license to enroll?

While having a background in beauty gives you a huge advantage in cosmetic tattooing, it is a completely different license and is not required in order to earn a Medical Micropigmentation License in Oklahoma. 


How do I apply for reciprocity to become licensed in Oklahoma if already licensed in another state?

You will need to contact the State Department of Health as they can answer this question for you.  

Are there any state fees on top of the cost of the course?

Yes. The initial application fee is $515 and that includes the background check the state does on you.  There is also a $200 state test fee to take your written exam upon finishing my course. 


What are the requirements to become legally licensed for permanent makeup in Oklahoma?

You must be at least 21 years of age.  On top of this, you must also show proof of your High School Diploma or equivalent, along with no felonies or misdemeanors on your record.  You must also be a U.S. citizen.  The OSDH will check all of this during your background check upon completion of the course. 


What if I can't find all 18 models for your Oklahoma licensure fundamentals program. 

You are required and responsible for finding your models for clinicals.  Once student has shown proof all efforts, typically the instructor is not required to, but can assist the student in finding models. This is another way my program is unique from most, I will be happy to try and help you find models for clinicals! I understand you are brand new and I am here to help you.

I am already licensed but interested in improving my skills, do you offer advanced courses?

Yes I sure do! You can find all the info above!

Do you offer financial aid for your program?

Financial aid is not provided for my program at this time.  However, I do offer a few different payment plan options to help you! These payment plan options are another unique offer through my program. I am here to help you!


Do I have to work under a doctor after I graduate?

Yes. You must be under the supervision of an MD, DO, or DDS as required by the Oklahoma Board of Health.


How do I go about finding a doctor to work under?

Putting together a portfolio with your work is wonderful. In my program, I will be teaching and helping you with how to market yourself which will help you greatly when looking for a doctor or MedSpa.


Is there a fee to be a model?

Yes, there is only a $175 fee for each model paid to instructor. 

Do you offer support after graduating your course?

Yes! Continued lifetime support as well as a private Students support group on Facebook. I am very big on continue support once you are out on your own. This is a unique offer for my program, it is very rare to find an Oklahoma program that offers as much continued support after graduation as this one.


Can I perform or offer body tattoos once I have my Oklahoma Medical Micropigmentation license?

No it is illegal in the state of Oklahoma for permanent makeup artists to perform body tattoos. 


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