New Services

Precision Brow &

Ombré Powder Brow

The newest and most innovative techniques in the permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup world are now coming to Oklahoma!


Veronica is trained and certified, and one of the very first licensed permanent makeup artists in our area to specialize in and offer these services! 





A little more about these amazing new techniques:

Precision Brow:

Precision Brow or (aka Machine Hair Stroke Brow), is a technique using a machine to create hair-like strokes similar to microblading, but the results will last twice as long before needing refresh touch ups as traditional microblading technique. This method of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing is similar to traditional microblading, in the sense that it is completely customizable to each individual and will heal to look more natural and blended like hair.

Some of the major differences, and improvements that vary from microblading are: 

-Precision Brow is great for oily skin

(traditional microblading is not ideal for oily skin types because ink does not typically retain well) 

-Precision Brow offers a longer term result, individuals can go much longer (usually about twice as long) before needing refresh touch ups

-Precision Brow heals to a more accurate color which means less dramatic color lightening and color fading

during healing than traditional microblading

-Precision Brow is ideal for most skin types, including oily or mature, and will offer longer lasting results which means fewer touch ups, and gorgeous eyebrows for much longer

Powder Brow:

Powder Brow is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo technique that is also created using a machine. It is a form of tattoo shading, that will heal to a soft, blended, ‘powder make-up’ or “filled-in” look. This is also another great option for those who have skin types that may not be ideal for traditional eyebrow microblading, like oily or mature skin. Ombré Powder Brow is using this same technique, but creating a light to dark blended brow look.


It is ideal for those who like a more defined, “filled-in” look, but without as much color or definition at the start of the brow. It’s a softer transition into a more defined brow look.

Both of these new eyebrow services can be combined together, to create a ‘Combo Brow’ where we can create Precision Brow machine hair strokes at the front/start of the brow, and then blend into the Powder Brow through the middle, arch, and tail of the brow. This would be an ideal option for those who want a bit more defined and enhanced brow shape, but still a little softer or more natural look overall too. It’s the best of both worlds! 

image2 (2).jpeg

Stardust Eyeliner

Stardust Eyeliner, also known as Eyeshadow Eyeliner, is a stunning permanent eyeliner technique. It is a much softer, blended, almost air brush look of permanent eyeliner that can be customized to achieve the look, thickness, and color you desire. It’s a much more improved version of traditional eyeliner tattooing.


It does not look extremely “solid” or “drawn on”.


This is an ideal option for all individuals interested in permanent eyeliner. This is also an ideal option for those who would like a winged eyeliner look, or who would like a blended out eyeshadow look to help make adding actual eyeshadow makeup products even easier to add on and blend into the permanent eyeliner.